Magnificent features of Twitter apps for Android and iOS users

Twitter is a California-based online social networking site which allows the user to read and post messages of only 140 characters, where these short messages are termed asTweets”. These tweets can be post and read by the registered users, whereas others can only read the tweets. “Twitter apps for Android and iOS users”

Tweets can be accessed through the official website, text message from mobile phones or mobile apps. It was developed in 2006 and launched in July of the same year. It attained great popularity across the world and it has more than 100 million users in 2012. It was one of the most-visited sites in 2013 and represented as “the SMS of the internet”.

Twitter also provides online news and it proved to be the massive source of breaking news during U.S presidential election with forty million posts. Unlike Facebook or other social networking sites, Twitter posts are public by default.

Twitter apps for smartphone users

Twitter has been ranked as a second most popular social networking site in the world. According to Twitter, over 82 percent of its active users were accessing it through the smartphones or tablets. Due to the rapid growth in smartphone users, Twitter has introduced several features to its mobile apps.

Twitter apps for Android and iOS users. Here are a few features in twitter mobile apps to make the tweet in another level.

* Tweetbot

Tweetbot is a top rated app, which is most widely used twitter mobile app.  It is a third party user application for Twitter and it can be accessed in three versions. These three versions are optimized to use in iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod Touch. Initially, it was released as Tapbots in 2011 only on the Appstore. Tweetbot has many added features like many account switching, push notifications, video thumbnails from YouTube and capable of mute any specific users and posts in the timeline for temporarily.

Every function in this app was simplified because of the interface and can allow the users to view multiple timelines with an easy switching between the timelines. Users can customize their navigation and functionality can be simplified by using smart indications.

Tweetbot is not a free app which cost about 5.79 dollars from the Appstore and it was not available in Android.

* Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a platform which manages multiple social networks, created in the year 2008. This app can be used to check all kinds of social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and other accounts from various social sites. It will act as a center hub for many social networking accounts and user can post to multiple accounts instantly.

Some of the features of this app are organizing tweets, create tweets easily, manages many users and track all the analytics of the user. It offers a web browser-based dashboard, which allows user to remain updated with their Twitter account. It will be updated constantly to maintain its streamlined sketch and the updated feature will be available for all the social networks. It can be accessed in both Android and iOS for free.

* Carbon for Twitter

Carbon for Twitter is an exclusive Android app for Twitter users, Twitter apps for Android and iOS users, which is notable for its features and performance. It has a trademark of dark themed view and has supported multi-account facility. It supports video, images and GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) and has another added feature called ‘do not disturb mode’. Do not disturb mode will stop receiving notifications from the accounts for some time.

It will place everything on a single screen that avoids swiping endlessly through tabs, which is a unique feature of this application. All options like Lists, Timelines, Searches, Favorites, Profiles and Trends will be in one place.

Carbon for Twitter has many great features such as Vine video and YouTube playback in-app, entire website support from links posted on Twitter, Periscope support and user can swipe into various categories for speedy access and browsing. It will also update regularly and available as a free app.

* Plume

Plume is one of the best Twitter apps for Android, which has been introduced a very long year ago. This app is fast and has an outstanding refresh rate. It has the capability to manage multiple Twitter accounts and the user can alter a lot of changes to the app like changing the colors of tweets, modify the themes and more.

Plume also makes the user to manage many accounts and has the ability to modify user’s profile, user can view most recent trends and more.

* Twitterrific

Twitterrific is one of the highly rated Twitter clients compatible only for the iOS devices. It was the first Twitter app available on the iPhone and it also works in Apple’s watch. The visuals in this app were highlighted by the stylish design without any change to their functionality. The app has the ability to customize the color of the design, transparent menu, filter options for hashtag, push notifications and more other excellent features.

The app was not available for Android users, but the iOS users can get it for free and it is 9.95 dollars for MAC users.

Awesome attributes of Twitter mobile apps

Twitter apps for mobile had many cool features that make the Twitter power users to engage with the apps. Some of the attributes of these apps were listed below.

* Moments in Twitter

Moments is an excellent feature that collects the important moment from the web and provide the user to view the tweets at a glance. The user can swipe through the headings to know the entire story.

* Native videos

Native videos are popular among the social sites that offer users to create and share videos on their profile. Users have to click on the camera symbol, shift to video and then hold the video recorder icon. The video will be directly posted on the user’s profile.

* Limitless characters in Direct messages

Initially, Direct messages in Twitter also have the similar 140 character restriction as in Tweets, but later the restriction was removed. Now, Twitter will allow direct messages upto 10,000 characters and that will be available for Twitter mobile apps, web and desktop applications. It can also available on third party applications like Tweetbot.

* Creating groups in Twitter

Twitter allows the user to create their own groups that are similar to the groups in Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. User can subscribe to any groups and can send images, emojis and chats with the group members.

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* Dark Mode

The dark mode feature was one of the best and recently added features, which used to reduce the effect of intense light emerging from the smartphones on the eyes. This feature changes the white background of the screen to the dark grey color, where the text displays in white color. It can be changed in Settings option.

* Mobile data saver

If the video was automatically played in the timeline, then it will consume more data. Hence, the user must change the video auto play settings into not play the videos in timeline automatically. It also provides the user to view the tweets without any images. This option will also reduce the data spent for loading and it can also access in settings option. Hence, Twitter is highly useful to save the mobile data for the Twitter users.

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