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Tim Fargo and Len Sixt, the duo who is responsible for creating such wonderful Tweet Jukebox tools. for the users didn’t want to commercialize this tools. The reason why they do not want to do is because this tools was initially designed by Len Sixt (best friend of Tim Fargo) when Tim asked him to do so. It was Tim who wants to advertise his new book on twitter and every time when  he use Twitter he found a new idea that why not to make an tools to Schedule Tweets. Now, here he takes the help of his best friend Len Sixt to create this amazing stuff which is now known as Tweet Jukebox Sign in with Twitter.

What is Tweet Jukebox

Until now you have already found that what is Tweet Jukebox, if not then please this article? This is social networking tools which scheduled your Tweets as directed by you. Your Tweets are managed by this Tweet Jukebox tools according to your directions.

It may happen that you are busy for a whole day or for a whole weekend and if you do not use social media marketing to increase your business than it can harm your business. Even, if you are on holiday and using twitter then it can be a task which can hit you mentally. You will feel tired while doing this, then what is the solution?

The solution is Tweet Jukebox. It will automatically eliminate your physical and mental presence from social media (Twitter). You just need to sign up for this Jukebox Tools  and without wasting time this tools will start working for you. This is good news, isn’t it?

How It Works

This is a very simple social networking tools. You just need to load content on it then you can fix your tweets schedule. It will tweets for you as many times as you want. You can load many tweets for a single day, even up to 1000 tweets and then just schedule the pattern of tweets according to you. I can bet that results will be amazing. You can fix your schedule for a week or for a month and if you want you can change it daily. The whole idea is to make this Jukebox tools flexible to use and Tim Fargo Quotes find success to do so.

With free signing company offers you 200 quotes so that you can try this Jukebox tools and working on this tools. Hence, you don’t need to load data from your side initially. You can fix the schedules of these quotes and can check that is your desired output is coming or not. With this signing it also allows you to store up to 300 tweets and also you can thank 40-50 followers. Once you find this Tweets Jukebox tools useful for you, just upgrade it and use more processes of this tools.

Schedule Tweets Quotes

Schedule Tweets are such tweets which you want to tweet from your twitter handle daily (such as quotes), weekly (such as weekend enjoyment tweets), monthly (fun with friends or family tweets) and yearly (such as Birthday tweets). Surely it is a hectic process to tweet so many tweets hence; this Social Jukebox tools helps you for completing this hectic process.

I have included a pricing breakdown for you here.


  • 2 Jukeboxes
  • 300 Tweets
  • 5 Scheduled Tweets
  • 1 Linked Twitter™ Accounts
  • 50 Thank You Tweets


  • 10 Jukeboxes
  • 5000 Tweets
  • 50 Scheduled Tweets
  • 3 Linked Twitter™ Accounts
  • 100 Thank You Tweets
  • 12.99 / month or $119.88 / year* *save $36.00


  • 30 Jukeboxes
  • 10000 Tweets
  • 200 Scheduled Tweets
  • 10 Linked Twitter™ Accounts
  • 100 Thank You Tweets
  • $24.99 / month or $239.88 / year* *save $60.00


  • 100 Jukeboxes
  • 10000 Tweets
  • 500 Scheduled Tweets
  • 50 Linked Twitter™ Accounts
  • 200 Thank You Tweets $49.99 / month or $479.88 / year* *save $120.00

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Advantages of Tweet Jukebox

First of all it is very useful because it eliminates your physical presence. You don’t need to use twitter lively for many times in a day. Just fix your program on this tools once in a day or in a week and forgot the live tweets. Second, ting is that this Jukebox tools creates a database for all the activities related to your twitter handle and makes a graph of it so that you can analyze the activities whenever you want. You can analyze with this graph that who all are helping you in your business and you can thank them. One more thing, this all process will happen automatically.

Million $ Question, is it beneficial or not?For me it is very beneficial. This is constantly increasing my business stuff with the help Digital Marketing. As you all know that the old ideas of marketing are not so much useful these days and Digital marketing is necessary. According to me you can use this Jukebox tools for your business. If not believe in me then go and use the free version of this Jukebox tools and while using this free version please check all the aspects of this tools that whether this tools is working or not according to your requirement. If you find that this will help you to increase your online presence without going live to Twitter than just upgrade this tools to a paid version. Don’t worry about the paid version that whether to invest money or not in this tools, because this investment will surely help you to increase your digital marketing. Once, your marketing goes to an effective way than income automatically find new paths to come towards you.

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