Tips for Tricky Office Dynamics

This time of year, when Secret Santa names are drawn, you can be baffled if you draw the name of the new kid in accounting you know absolutely nothing about.  Sometimes you wonder why this game isn’t outlawed in all 50 states, then you remember when you were the new kid, and someone drew your name.  They must have felt the same way.  And you think back to how good it felt to be included.  Trying to fit in when you’re new to the office staff isn’t always easy, so if you’ve drawn the short straw with the new kid’s name on it, relax.  There’s an app for that.  It’s called Groupon, and it’s where you can find great deals for a company called Things Remembered.  

You can find a ton of great ideas for gift giving at Things Remembered, and what’s so neat is that Groupon offers codes that are good online, and instore, too.  So, you don’t have to worry about leaving the coupon on your desk, or saving the secret word, just call up the deal you want, and apply it at checkout.  There are lots of items to choose from like jewelry, home décor, apparel, and there’s something that will fit every budget.  

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You’ll find so many great ideas, you’re likely to want to shop for others on your list.  If you need something for the new family that moved in next door, a personalized picture frame to hold a black and white photo of their home you found in the archives of the historical society would be a warm gesture.  Want a gift for the fitness trainer who got you into that new pair of jeggings with less jiggle?  A medium sized tote with her initials on it would make a nice replacement for the backpack that seems to weigh her down.  And for your knuckleheaded brother-in-law, a beer stein with his name on it, so he stops sipping from your glass would be a great idea, and you can get all of these at Things Remembered.

They only stock high-quality items that will last for years, and right now, you should take advantage of the deals they offer on throws that will comfort you, engraved clocks that will inspire you, or a special snow globe from their Disney Traditions collection for the kid in you.  Don’t sweat the Secret Santa stuff this year, just search Groupon for deals for Things Remembered, and let the new kid know he’ll be just fine.

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