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How SaaS Application can benefit in Businesses Digitally?

Saas cloud computing

One of the latest buzzwords in IT is SaaS. SaaS describes Software as a Service. In 2016, SaaS market has been grown to 20.5% from 2015 with an expected value of $ 37.9 billion. It is a huge marketplace that many businesses are tapping it, while there are many on board, but still, there is plenty of scope for growth.

One of the greatest reason for the growth is that software vendors are migrating their business models from on-premised licensed software to public cloud-based offerings. Companies like such as Oracle, SAP which are transitioning their portfolios to SaaS model. In order to cut expenses and enhance performance, businesses require a unique solution. SaaS development provides support for small, medium and large-scale enterprise in cloud computing. Software as a Service can fulfill various requirements so the selection is the critical and essential task.

What is SaaS?

SaaS, means Software as a Service, is a web-based service that is the process of providing software solution or data access to a user connected to the internet. SaaS provider is responsible for making the software, maintaining the server, database, and code for the users who are ready to pay to use these service with its updates and functions on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

SaaS is springing up endlessly because of crazy demand rising constantly from the small and medium business. According to Gartner, adopting SaaS application is a critical and necessary task in order to cut the expenses and improve performance. So SaaS is the process of providing software like project management software, content management software, contact, and scheduling software all these software are available on the internet. Basically, SaaS is one of the three main categories of cloud computing along with IaaS and PaaS. SaaS is also known as “on-demand software” and the charges is applied on the basis of pay per use model.

The following diagram shows service model along with their responsibilities.

SaaS model

Why is SaaS a big deal?

Adopting SaaS in the business requires so many efforts more than simply registration for a monthly or quarterly plan. For example, if your entire business moves to a cloud-based application, your bandwidth needs will increase dramatically. For some user, performance will become an issue, especially for those who are located far from the physical data center. The major problem starts with the current network setup. Your existing network may require branch organization across the world to first connect to your main organization before connecting to cloud-based services. On the other hand, there can be other issues including network latency, packet loss, routing stability, bandwidth, wireless access, capacity and much more.

Well, there are many advantages of SaaS

•We don’t have to pay for costly hardware to host the software
•We don’t have to get the software program (dedicated links, VPNs)
•For employees, no need to install, configure and to keep the software application updated
•SaaS app provider handles all the things from license to its management

Benefits of SaaS

SaaS application is clearly on the rise, but what are the benefits of SaaS that make it become stardom in cloud computing.

Lower costs

SaaS deployment saves you significant budget pack spending on IT infrastructure and employment as cloud computing applications like SaaS involve lower system and maintenance costs than traditional software. For starters, you are only renting the software so there are no upper costs, the company user has the authorization to use that software for a specific period of time. One of the major benefits is that you don’t have to pay for the hardware that hosts the new application and no need to provision the resources to install it.

API’s offered by the vendor do the maximum work in order to get the software running, so IT is not required to go through a challenging installation procedure. The lower cost of enrollment really opens SaaS to a huge market of business with small budgets.

Consistent Price Plan

SaaS model always provides various pricing plans that buyers are free to choose which one suits them most. It all depends on you to upgrade your plan with premium features of the application when your business develops and requires more sophisticated tools. So you only have to pay for what you use. Companies that are using SaaS application finds this easy to manage their budget and effective to reduce their investment risk.

Faster and easy to use


As you don’t need to buy hardware, which means no waiting time. The biggest advantage of renting model with SaaS application is that the setup time drops from weeks to just days or hours. Users are able to provision the server for cloud and quickly get the application ready to use, that means it is much faster for prototyping or running a proof of concept to see if it is the best fit for the business requirements. It is faster not only to deploy but also faster to learn for the average business user.

As a “software on demand” SaaS prioritizes its primary function which is a user-friendly interface on the internet and various mobile device. Therefore, an IT newbie can easily download and learn quickly how to use SaaS application. It provides dedicated support on the backend, so you can easily keep using the application as long as you pay.

Scalability and Flexibility

SaaS applications are cloud based and that is typically where they exist, which makes scale easily. This ties in with being faster as the SaaS model can quickly adapt to spikes in demand which is not easily possible with the on-premise solution. For scale, SaaS application is to adjust the subscription with the vendor. This is the benefit of scaling up and scaling down as well.

One of the best benefits of SaaS is that you can access everything anywhere anytime if you have a proper internet connection because all of your data is put on the cloud. You can also focus on high-value activities truly aligned with your enterprise goals.

Cloud computing saas

Automatic Update

You don’t pay an extra fee for any update of SaaS Application that you are using. Your plan already includes all the updates. When SaaS providers expand their products and upgrade their system or fix their bugs customers will not need to download any updated version because the application will seamlessly be updated itself. It will save you time and cost on IT maintenance otherwise you have to repeat the same process on a dozen of computers and devices.


Using cloud –based application like SaaS adds up more security to your data as many to your data as many SaaS vendors design multiple layers of security to their products and database, so you don’t need to worry about losing or private information if your device has been stolen. You can minimize the risk of cybercrime and feel more comfort when using cloud computing including SaaS application. It can be more secure than traditional IT platform.

It is no doubt that SaaS is inevitable and essential for online organization especially for small and medium one because of its numerous benefits over the traditional IT software. More and more SaaS start-ups are joining the race to compete with large scale enterprises, you will have more reasonable and appealing products to choose in the fast pacing market. Depending on your agility, budget and IT infrastructure, you can choose to move completely to SaaS or only partially and keep a mix of both SaaS and Traditional deployments for the best for your business.

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Block Chain

How Big Data is Shaping the Future of Authentication

Future of Big Data

Future of Big Data is any form of information in unorganized or raw form like Symbols, Alphanumeric Characters.

In the language of computers it is any raw facts or figures that are clubbed together in the form of charts, graphs, characters, images.

For quantitative and qualitative variables it is their set of values.

Big Data

BigData or huge information as the name suggests are expansive, huge, voluminous and complex informational indexes dissected computationally, as prior information handling applications are of no utilization due to the extensive measure of information, to pick up learning about the patterns, headways, and examples of human conduct and association.

With the headways in the innovation and modernisation, today relatively every area is managing such a lot of information we can’t envision.

Furthermore, as indicated by an examination in 2012, consistently 2.5 exabytes (2.5×1018) of information are produced. In view of an IDC report forecast, the worldwide information volume will develop exponentially from 4.4 zettabytes to 44 zettabytes between 2013 to 2020.


The term ‘Big Data’ is said to have been instituted by John Mashey, it has been prominently being used since the 1990s.

The idea picked up force in the mid 2000s when industry investigator Doug Laney enunciated the now-standard meaning of huge information as the three Vs, which later turned on five.

Presently there are five V’s to big data or information known!

Volume, Velocity, Variety, and  recently acknowledged Veracity and Value.

Velocity : Since the information being substantial and voluminous. It must be managed continuously. For eg RFID labels, Sensors.

Volume : It alludes to the measure of information or it is utilized to clarify the amount, which is substantial. Since information is extremely gigantic and information is being gathered from a variety of different sources, including business exchanges, online networking and data from machine-to-machine information or sensors. New innovations are being created to decrease the heap and facilitate the work. For eg Hadoop

Veracity : The information in this day and age isn’t just tremendous, continuous , and in assortment yet additionally it is conflicting. There might be a few deviations in this manner creating irregularities.

Variety : With the expanding use and measure of information in this day and age the information is accessible in an assortment of structures for eg content, numeric, alphanumeric, letter sets, pictures, outlines, bar diagrams and so on.

Value : There is dependably a specific incentive that is certain value required in the information which is required by the concerned groups of onlookers.

Aside from this the assortment likewise incorporates the 6 C’s idea or framework which might be utilized as a part of industrial facility work and Cyber-physical frameworks

Cloud, Cyber, Community, Connection, Customisation, Content.


The significance of big data does not spin around the Volume of the data but rather how complete an individual manage or what an individual do with or how an individual break down and decipher it. This can also be considered as data processing.

Like in the substance of Business an individual will break down or will be worried about the accompanying things

1. Cost diminishments

2. Time diminishments

3. New item improvement and streamlined offerings.

4. Savvy basic leadership

So while discussing the significance of big data the main thing that should be chosen is setting or field.

Data Driven Mapping

Data Driven Mapping is considered as the latest approach of Data Mapping.

It uses heuristics and statistics to figure out complex mappings between the 2 sets of data automatically.

This approach is utilized to discover changes between two informational indexes and will find substrings, links, arithmetics, case articulations and also different sorts logics.

Future With Big Data – Conclusion

With the advent of latest technologies the Artificial Intelligence Or AI have gained a lot of popularity and has become the first choice of renowned and big industries.

Recent accomplishments of AI are

#1. Google DeepMind’s AI software AlphaGo bested world Go champion Lee Sedol. More recently, AlphaGo won against Ke Jie, widely considered to be the number-one ranked player in the world.

#2. At Tufts University, scientists and biologists reportedly programmed an AI that’s capable of developing a new scientific theory, and discovered how the regeneration process of the flatworm works.

#3. For learning the AI is being used in the Google Search.

#4.The famous online shopping institution Amazon is using an AI to detect frauds, for demand forecasting and much more.

#5. At Tufts University, researchers and scholars supposedly modified an AI that is equipped for building up another logical hypothesis, and found how the recovery procedure of the flatworm works.

Data is vital to each field and in each courses as these are data that one gets about anything in assortment of way and examination it in like manner to enhance execution and effectiveness, which additionally prompts advancement and better execution.

By considering the points it wouldn’t not be wrong to state that in future big data and AI will go as an inseparable unit or will be partners of each other.

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Best Google Play Store Alternatives for 2018

Google Play Store Alternatives

Google Play store is one of the most popular store apps out there with billions of Apps and games. And it is also the most used store for Android – No Doubts.

But as we know nothing is perfect – nothing means Google Play store too. That is why a lot of people search for the Google Play Store alternatives and here I will reveal the best options to the Play store which we can use right away, and they will be handy as simple for you.

However, the things are not as more straightforward as you think, there are a lot of basic concepts involved in it that is why I will be describing a few of basic terms which will be useful.
So, let’s dig dipper and learn more about it.

Why we need Play Store Alternatives?

Whenever someone says you that you need some alternative app too from where you can download apps and games, it means there is something wrong with Google Play, and that thing is there are a lot of apps and games which are not present on the Play Store.

For example, the popular game Ludo Star has been removed from the Play Store if you were using some alternatives then it would be useful. That is why you should use some play store alternatives.

What are the Best Play Store Alternatives?

Well, there are a lot of developers out there which provide the users to download the app in the apk format – but there are thousands of apps, and here I am not going to describe all the alternatives.

Look below list, and you will find the app that will be useful for you.


Aptoide is one of the best alternatives out there, and it is serving the users since the year 2009, and till now it has become the best alternative to the play store. After the App Store of iPhone, the next big store is Aptoide, and it is the second largest app store for Android users.

The best thing about Aptoide is that you don’t need to install the app you can use their site too.


APKMirror is here for a long quiet time and has earned an excellent reputation and is now widely used and trusted all over the world. You can find all those apps that are on Google Play store, but there are a lot more apps that are not on the GPS (Google Play Store), but you can find them on the APKMirror.

The cool thing about this PS alternative is that you can also get the older versions of your favorite apps. It is useful in those conditions when you have updated the app, and you do not love the latest version of the app.

Amazon Appstore

Who don’t know about Amazon it is the most popular E-Commerce store in the United States which was started back in the nineties. Since then it earned a very good reputation, and now they are also providing an app store from where you can download the apps and games for free.

But it doesn’t have all the apps. However, we are mentioning it here because it is the most secure the highly recommended app for downloading games that are not on the Google Play Store.


AcMarket is a little bit newer on the market but it is getting trendy, and people have started using it. According to an estimate, AcMarket has been installed for more than 10 million times, and now it is one of the most popular Play Store Alternatives. You can use it for downloading paid and free apps.

The cool thing about this store is that you can get the updates of any app that you have installed on your device from it and it is also 100% free and has not advertisements.
Moreover, it also secures and reliable app.

AIO Downloader

AIO stands for All In One Downloader which means it provides all requirements for the Android users. The needs of the Android users are Android Apks, Songs, Movies that’s it and AIO developers know it very closely that is why they have designed their app in such a way that you can download everything that you want.

For instance, if you are a movies lover then you can find almost all the favorite movies from there, however, if you want to get some latest songs or Android apps, then you can also get them.

If you are interested in using AIO Downloader, then you can download it from the official site.

Final Words

So, guys, this was a list of the Best G Play store alternatives and here I have described it very smoothly, but If I have missed something, then you must let me about it.

However, if you find this guide useful then please share Play Store Alternatives, with your friends too on your favorite social sites. So, that we can get some social boost.

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SqlBak – Automate your SQL Database Backup

SqlBak – Automate SQL Database Backup

Taking backups manually is the real pain whether you take the backup of a website files or database. But, it is also very important so what the solution is?

The solution is to make use of some awesome online tool to automate the task. And, there are many such backup tools available online as well, but I have used one which works awesome, and that is quite affordable too. The name of that online tool is

Why do we actually need backups?

You must have heard that nothing is safe online, and that is the problem every webmaster tries to safeguard his/her website and its content. When it comes to websites, database is the backbone. If it breaks, site will lose all the data. If your business is sensitive like e-commerce store, or some payment related stuff, losing database can put you in huge loss. No matter how much security enforcement you have for your database, you will still need to be alert and careful because there are many factors and hackers that can cause database crash, corrupt or stolen.

That is why, it is advised to keep regular backup so even if you lose it at times, you can restore the backup, and keep things running as usual without incurring any loss to your business. And, as I talked about online tools to keep regular backup of your database, you can choose one of them. SqlBak is the best option I could recommend.

Let’s talk more about it in this review.

SqlBak is the best option for both techies, and nontechies as putting it on the work is very easy, and a few minutes work only. Once the setup is done, it keeps taking the backup automatically.

About SqlBak

Sqlbak is a product of pranas . net which is committed to solving all your database backup and monitoring related problems. The cost is quite affordable, and the service offered by them is great. It has been there since long, and has a good clientele.

How to put SqlBak on the Work?

Whenever we plan to try out a new tool, we always have in mind about its setup. Some are very tough to setup, and some are very easy. This tool is very easy to setup. It needs one-time setup, and things will be on autopilot mode. One-time setup which is indeed very easy. Visit, Sqlbak, and register for an account there. After you registered there and logged in, you will get a Secret Key; keep that safe in a notepad.

How to put SqlBak on the Work?

Now, go to the Download page by clicking download Menu where you will see a link to download the Desktop app of Sqlbak.

Once downloaded, install it, and open it. You will be asked to enter Secret Key.

The key you got after registering needs to be entered here. Do it, and connect

Desktop app of Sqlbak

In the next step, you would need to enter the SQL Server credentials to connect to your database server remotely. This is important step because you need to authorize this app so that it can connect to your database server and takes the backup.

 SQL Serve

Enter the details, and click “Test” to test the connection. If theconnection is OK, click Save & Close.

Now, go back to your account dashboard at sqlbak, and Add a  new backup job

You will be given many options to choose as per requirement such as scheduling the database backup time, thelocation where you want to save, selecting the database to back up on your SQL Server, etc. Once you are done, you can add another job as well.

Once all done, your database will be backed up automatically, and the backups will be sent to the location you have set while adding the backup job. It is the best recommendation to save the backup in some good cloud storage such as Google Drive or DropBox.

Google Drive or DropBox

Nothing to do now! All done!

Apart from backing up your database, SqlBak also monitors your Database Server performance, and keep notifying you via your registered email address.

This feature enables you to know about your database server closely whether it is down or not working or working fine.

Restoring the Database backup

No matter if you have backup but restoring process is so tough that you cannot restore yourself. You will need to hire someone to do this. Therefore, SqlBak has made restoration process as simple as clicking a few times.

As shown in the screenshot above, click on the Restore icon to initiate the process of restoration.

click on the Restore

Click on restore, and your DB will be restored. Once the restore process is done, everything will be back to normal.


Pricing is one of the most important factors that we have to consider because it all depends on our pocket as well. And, when it comes to pricing, SqlBak is just the best as it offers its basic plan for FREE and other plans are also very affordable and can fit to everyone’s pocket.

SqlBak Pricing

As you can see in the above screenshot, it is quite affordable. If you are handling a crucial database, make sure to keep backing it up using Sqlbak and stay tension free.

If you are not sure, you can try out the basic plan first for few months just for test, and once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and upgrade your plan.


Database is inseparable part of a website which needs to be safeguarded by the best security systems. Moreover, keeping a regular database plan is need too so that at the time when you lose it for some reason, you can restore it and save your business.

SqlBak offers the best services for monitoring, backing up and restoring your database so that you can stay tension free and focus more on your business sales rather than staying busy in these tech stuff.

Read More: SqlBak – Best Online Tool to Keep Your Database Backed up

If you have any questions regarding SqlBak, please write in the comments, and we will try our best to respond.

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