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Hello, Guys welcome to our post which is basically to let you know about the Free Backlink analysis tools. If you are a blogger you must need to check backlinks of your blog, so SEO backlink check tools allow you to check backlinks.  But you cannot only check your backlinks but backlink analysis tools help you to check or spy backlinks on your competitors’ blog. As we all know that creating backlinks is a necessary part to get ranks your blog for every particular keyword.

Sometimes we think that if there will be no backlinks checker tool then we never ever do check our competitor’s links but here it is possible now with some free backlinks checkers tools. But free backlink checker tools prove itself a god gift in this situation. With the help of free backlinks analysis tools, you check the backlinks on your competitor’s blog and if you find them good then you can make the same kind of links on your blog same which is your competitor used in their site to rank any special keyword.

Most of the Blogger and SEO’s are still living in the misunderstanding that without link building they can rank their blog on google, sometimes it happen when there is no competition for that keyword but not all the times it happens. If you have more and good backlinks, on your site then it can Rank fast on Google search engines. The easy way to make your blog on top has just checked any keyword which has more searches but low competition so you do not have to work more on that, it will get rank easily.

To get your blog to the top on Google you need to do work hard because there are lots of bloggers works for every keyword nowadays so it is not easy for any keyword to get easily rank on Google it takes time. But if you are working in manner and creativity then definitely it will rank. Must follow this step to rank any of your blog on Google:-

First find any keyword which has more profit, find a keyword with high CPC, then write a beautiful and attractive content on it sometimes it require lots of article as a guest post to get rank on Google then strat making a link of your blog and keep regular update with any of your backlinks analysis tool.

Best website backlink checker tool free:-

1) Ahref

Ahref is one of the best website backlink checker tool which comes with the free trail of 14 days. I have used this tool and I got awesome results because it has a great features and other site doesn’t have and it is high update rate. Ahref updates all the data about the blog frequently as compared to the other backlink analysis tools. Ahref allows its users categorization of information about the blog.

2) Backlink Watch

Backlink watch is one of the tools which is very easy to use interface by which you can easily check the backlinks profile on your site or in your competitor’s site. It gives so true result because for reporting you it uses ahref API.

3) Small SEO Tools

This backlink analysis tool allows is users a series of your reports to monitor how many backlinks are indexed to your website. It has some advanced features which inform you also about the anchor text used on your site, any other tags and warning for every single link and also show the Page Rank of the backlink source.

4) Open Link Profiler 

It is also another SEO backlink check tools, which you can use to analyses links on your blog. It is like a website which will work free fo you to check backlinks on your site but with the show normal backlinks it also shows inbound links coming on your site. Sometimes we see that some sites do not show fresh links but this SEO Checklist Tools shows freshly indexed links on your site. I am using this tools for check my new indexed link on my site.

5) Ranking signal

This is one of the best website backlink checker tool and fo using features like check links on your site you must sign up for this site. This is one of the advanced backlink checker tools which not only shows your backlinks but also shows the ALEXA rank and page rank of your site. It is available in the form of an extension for google chrome. I am using this tool because it makes my work easy to check backlinks on my site. The best part with this tool is that now you can see that the link is in your site is removed or live.

6) Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is very simple backlink analysis tool, but as we all know that everything has pros and cons so such as others this tool also has some drawback and that is like you can see only a few Online Backlink Checker SEO Tools on your site. But it also has a solution and that is you can buy the premium package of majestic which helps you to find out all the backlinks which are indexed on your site. The best part is that this website provides a private section to find out you’re lost backlinks. I am only using this tool just because it shows the TF and CF of your site.

7) Open site Explorer

The exact name of this website Moz which had developed to check backlinks of your site. With the help of this website, you can look at inbound links which are pointing your site. This tool has more features like now you can check the freshly indexed links on your site with the help of this tool. And the best part to use this tool is it is free and also if you want to compare the link metrics of your site to any other sites then you can simply add both the sites in the “Compare Link Metrics” option.

I have mainly used this tool for checking the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your site, and I am very happy to using it service.


It is also one of the most using tools when it comes to checking backlinks. It is also a free tool but for few time only because it has some limit for the whole day. Its premium account is about to 69$ only. This backlinks analysis tool also provide you to check and compare any sites. Just go to its homepage and put the URL about which you want to know.

9) SEO spyglasses

SEO spyglass is newly launched tool which is completely evaluating itself for providing good results to its users. Few time before according to a latest update that it has increased indexed links to 15,000,00 crore and this is pretty more than another Online Backlink Checker SEO analysis tools.

With this tool, you will get the new and fresh links and error free backlinks or links which are not updated.

10) Google Alert

Google alerts is one of the secure and the useful tool which comes to our mind when we think about analysis backlinks data. It is very easy to use tool that can be used to know info about when your special keywords are searching on the Google.

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Benefit of backlinks analysis tools:-
  • The very first thing is that you can check the competition on the same keyword which you are working on.
  • Another benefit is that you can find the good links on your competitor’s blog and add links from that site on your blog.
  • You can compare your domain with the someone‘s domain so you can work on your domain to make it more powerful.
  • Also, you can check that who if follow your links so you can aware of them.
How to choose good SEO backlinks check tools:-

First of all, you should get to know about its all features than you have to search either it is paid or premium. Then check that it is really helpful or not for you means which you want to know about your site it will show you or not. Find that website backlinks checker tool which gives some specific search to you like DA and PA of  your domain or TF and CF of your domain.

So, guys, we mentioned all the best website backlinks checker tools for you, from which you can choose anyone as per your need. All of them have some specific feature and some disadvantage also but you should keep in your mind that which of these can be proof good for you because choosing wrong SEO backlinks check tool sometimes give you wrong observation which can be not good for you. So choosing right Online Backlink Checker SEO tool is very necessary on your site on which we gave you helped in above para, just read the specification of every tool and then take your decision.

Final verdicts:-

So guys here we are taking your leave now hope you liked this post which was all about to choose the right backlinks analysis tool for you. So if you liked this post then please share it on your Facebook and if want to know more about the Online Backlink Checker SEO tools then you can visit our homepage. You if you have any article query related then you can submit your question in below comment box.

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