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Major Changes Between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Having a website has become the norm in recent times. You have your human body’s presence on Mother Earth. But it is the online presence which has become more popular. It does not matter whether you have a Facebook account. But for a business, it has become mandatory to have a online presence in the form of a website. You have to ensure the website is accessible to the users.

It is vital you need a web hosting service provider to provide a physical location in the internet.

But of late, it is cloud hosting which is making the news. In recent times, cloud hosting has become famous for its dynamic and virtual scalable infrastructure. Businesses can take advantage of cloud hosting based on demand and usage. In this article, we will see the major changes between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

cloud hosting types

Cloud computing has brought about a revolution in hosting of websites. A normal web hosting refers to the old method of having the websites on the internet.

There is a lot of discussion on the web hosting and cloud hosting in performance. But, please note, they also have their advantages and disadvantages.

When you come to web hosting, many companies offer server space and maintenance. To gain the web hosting service and get space in the internet, you need to pay some amount to these companies. But consider cloud computing.

It is a bit different. Instead of one server, it hosts many servers, but in work, they will work as a common server. In fact, the vast number of physical web servers act as virtual mode of servers for hosting the websites. The beauty of cloud computing is providing both type of facilities. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a service.

Now, will we look at the major differences between cloud hosting and web hosting?

#1. Definition

A very general combination of words. Web hosting is the service connected with internet hosting. The companies such as Go Daddy offer their servers for space to the website owners.

Cloud computing is the opposite. It uses many servers. It is more described as a superior type of hosting. The reason – because of its dynamic and virtual scalable infrastructure.

#2. Server

In normal web hosting, you are accessing a fixed server. Or depending on your need, you can access even a part of a single server.

In cloud hosting, many servers will work as one server.

#3. Expense

Cloud hosting has many benefits, one among them – the cost will vary depending on the usage. For example, you can store all your company applications in the cloud. You can even ask your employees to work at the specified time. Then you can switch the system off and you save money.

The cost will differ based on the packages for a normal web server. In the old method, it does not matter the amount of time used, you have to pay for the entire month or year.

#4. Reliability

When it comes to reliability, you can only rely less on a normal web hosting service provider. Remember the moment, when with enthusiasm, you want to show the website to your family. But it says,”Server Error” please try after some time.

In case of a cloud hosting, even if one server fails, you can make a switch to the other server.

#5. Advantages of Web Hosting

There are three types of the normal web hosting methods.

web hosting

Shared Hosting: You get a entire package. And the price is affordable. But the server will have many customers on its one server. You can find a large number of performance issues.

Virtual Private: You can control a entire set of features. There are more number of reliable factors. The number of servers are also more, and thus you can do the savings in expenses. The website can suffer failure because of disturbance in other virtual servers.

Dedicated Servers: They offer entire control. They also guarantee reliability factors via service level agreements (SLAs). The server hosts only your website. But they are expensive.

Like to the normal method of hosting, there are three types of hosting even in cloud.

Private Cloud Hosting: In this type, there will be no rooms for failure. You also do not have fear security risks.

Public Cloud Hosting: The management is by third parties. Industry experts consider public cloud hosting as more reliable than private hosting. The rates are affordable. Another important benefit is the scalability. The hosting happens in a location different from the physical property of the client.

Hybrid Cloud: The last type provides the benefit of both the mentioned above types. The important applications of the client are in client server. For the other unwanted applications, the storage is at a different location.

There are also other types of hosting. (1) Managed Hosting and (2) Community Cloud Hosting

cloud computing


There is a famous proverb – Change is permanent. In the 1980s, the computers made a mark. The 1990s saw the growth of internet. and In the 2000, we saw mobiles. And 2016 is the year of apps. There were many, who predicted that cloud computing is a sham and will wade away in the passage of time. But the popularity have made the critics eat their own words. Now, let us take an example. You have, before two years started a online washing machine service center in Bangalore.

You repair the machines that have crossed the warranty period. Through the website, you get at least 100 orders a day. And you have a fleet of 150 to 200 qualified professionals. You

Followed the old method of web hosting for two years. Now you opted for cloud hosting. You moved only the important applications to the cloud. Any person wishing the same service in Bangalore can login from any point of the world at a moment’s notice. For the less important applications, you moved them to another server with low cost. To make your washing machine service popular, you released an app with many features. The customer can book the service at his/her own convenience. Your technician will call the customer before the scheduled date to know the need. Then the technician will go to the customer’s house and restore the appliance back to normal.

We hope, by this article, you got to know the differences between Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Did we miss a valuable point? Please put a comment in the reviews section.

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1 Comment

  1. Gurjit Singh

    April 10, 2018 at 7:18 am

    This is very useful article about hosting. Well explained. Thanks for writing this useful article.

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List of 6 Best Highest Revenue Generating Indian Blogs:

Best Highest Revenue Generating Indian Blogs

Many people out there believe that blogging asks for too much of hard work and in return, it offers little money. However, that is not completely true.

If you are doing the right things, then revenue and recognition would come up on your way. But if you think that blogging is a waste of time. Then there is a List of best Highest Revenue Generating Indian Blogs and the person behind it.

So you can take inspirations and make things work for you as well.

Amit Agarwal:

Amit Agarwal is one of the most famous bloggers in India who has inspired quite a lot of people. He holds a degree in Computer Science from I.I.T engineering and has worked at ADP Inc. But later he has left his job to become India’s first professional blogger.

He is also the man behind the popular yet an award-winning blog called Digital Inspiration. With the Digital Inspiration, he has been sharing information about how to guides, gadget reviews, software tips and so on. Digital inspiration is more of a holistic tech blog cover all areas of tech and very much unlike the newbie micro-niche blogs like the Bangalore blog.

He has also written personal columns for popular publications like The Wall Street Journal India, CNBC TV18 and The Hindustan Times and so on.

Harsh Agrawal:

If you are an Indian blogger and do not know about Harsh Agrawal, then I don’t know what you are doing. He is a well-known name in the online blogging field. Back in 2008, he has started his blog called Shoutmeloud where he basically talks about blogging and making money online. Lot of newbies who start to learn SEO end up in this blog to learn the basics of blogging, SEO, and SMM.

Initially, shoutmeloud was a tech blog with content that you could find on other popular sites. Later on, Harsh Agarwal started writing about Blogging WordPress, and SEO based on his own experience. Soon the audience started enjoying it, considering that all articles were based on my learning experiments and experience.

Also on the website, you will find tutorials related to WordPress, affiliate and so on. He also runs a couple of other blogs that includes, shoutmetech, coinsutra and so on.

His main source of income is affiliate even he talks about affiliate quite a lot in his blogs.

Shradha Sharma:

If you keep yourself updated with startup news. Then you have probably come across to this famous website called YourStory. In fact this one of largest websites in India with worldwide recognition.

Shradha Sharma in 2008 started the blog with and later migrated to the

The websites talk about Indian startups, entrepreneurs, and their journey. Also, they are connected with some leading brands. In addition to that, the blog also organizes startups events every year.

Also according to some reports, her monthly income stated to be $30,000 per month.

Srinivas Tamada:

Srinivas Tamada is the man behind a popular blog called the The blog basically talks about programming and offers tutorials for PHP, Ajax,  blog is about programming, PHP, Ajax, Javascript and so on.

He had started his blogging journey with the Google blogger platform in 2008 and then switched to a custom domain in 2009. Apart from his blog he also runs a company called egglabs.

According to some online portals, he earns around $20,000 a month.

Ashish Sinha:

Ashish Sinha is also one of the famous bloggers and he is the owner of the popular blog called He has started his blogging journey in 2007 with the name of Pluggd but later changed the blog name to nextbigwhat. The blog talks about startups, tech, and entrepreneurship. He even has worked with brands like Yahoo, and IBM.

He holds a degree in IIT and IIM, and he earns around $18,000 each month.

Apart from his nextbigwhat blog, there are not so many information are available about him. But he is said to be one of the top influencers in startup field.

Amit Bhawani:

Amit Bhawani is one of the top bloggers and influencers in India. He had started his blogging journey in 2007 and over the time he has written about Technology, Health, Blogging, SEO, and so on. His famous blog is Phoneradar which is a tech publication. Even he has a youtube channel where he talks about the latest smartphones.

Final Words:

So those were some of the top names in the Indian blogging community. I myself run BlogDada and I am planning to compete for these high earning blogs in the near future.

Now go and check their websites and learn from them. So you can work on your blog and get success on your own blog as well. Also if you have any more questions to ask then do comment below and we will surely help you out.

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How To Use Google AdSense To Make Money Online In 2018

Google AdSense To Make Money

The Google AdSense is used in different ways to make money from online. You should have a strategy to solve the problems addressing to on-site which also includes specific technical mistakes. There are some on-site SEO problems which are seen very often.

The e-commerce sites are specifically facing some problems and we should focus on the problems to solve them. SEO Tools to Improve your website, To make a concrete impact on the search traffic you can refer the real world examples.

Competitors in the industry:

If you eliminate the product descriptions that are duplicate and replace them with unique product descriptions then this issue can be resolved.

There are many products on the e-commerce sites. The manufacturer will provide the description of the product in a short note. This description might be a problem for the SEO because very little content will be given.

The search should work on that content for short descriptions. The other sites certainty replicates the descriptions which are provided by the manufacturers. You cannot be ranked over the competitors if the content is not unique.

On your site, it is possible for you to update the descriptions of the product manually on every page.

The content should be minimum 1890 words long according to the Google so that the search engine can perform well. Duplicate content issues may arise if the template is swapped by a few words due to automated descriptions.

Clear impact:

Conversation rates can also be increased if you include the user reviews. Then the five-star reviews, the conversions can be improved better by the ratings of the diverse products. The search results can be affected sometimes by the user reviews if you are trying to remove the duplicate content.

We cannot say clearly that there may be direct or indirect effects on search engines if the reviews are present. It will have an unambiguous and clear impact on the search engines. Your product may have negative feedback from the buyers if the user reviews are included.

Finding out the Requirements:

The customer who searched for the product should be included in the title tag and also on the other locations of the page. You should include popular and generic phrases on your page as it is very important.

Finding out the Requirements

You should do a competitive research to use keywords for what the customer is actually looking for. Most of the e-commerce sites are not developed because they are not using branded keywords for the optimization. With brand and model name a product page is typically built.

To capture keywords which are searched by the customers, you can create a blog.

Implement the Effective Strategy:

You should not ignore the factors which are responsible to increase the traffic in your search engine. It is a wrong strategy to focus too much on the transactional keywords.  Google AdSense to Make Money, The ranking of the competitive phrases not only adds traffic but improves the overall reputation of the search engine. The main reason behind this is behavioral metrics are influenced.

You are neglecting the target of the customers by avoiding the use of informational keywords. You need to pay more attention to use the informational keywords and reduce the use of transactional keywords. The search engines will have a strong reputation if there are less competitive keywords.

Redesigning the Modern Strategy:related industries.

The changes in the redesign are implemented to increase the conversations and obliterate the search traffic. There are few which can hurt and also split backfire on you instead of dropping cash. A site is generally redesigned to make it more beautiful and modernized.

Redesigning the Modern Strategy

If you are implementing the redesigns of a site which is not having a proper plan then it is very painful. This will happen if you redesign a site without taking the SEO into consideration. So take help from a Professional SEO if you want to execute the redesign of a site.

Different Platforms on the Market:

Third-party platforms are used to build most of the e-commerce sites. This type of arrangement is mutually beneficial because the e-commerce business is allowed to focus more on the core business and keep less focus on the development of the web.

To gain access to the features which are not available previously you can switch to a different platform as there will be an increase in the share market. Sometimes your ranking will be affected in the e-commerce if you switch to another platform.

As the market share increases it is common for the sites to grow out from one platform to the other.

Focus on the Successful Strategy:

If there is any chance required then you can optimize the keywords. Check the changes in the content whether it is convenient for the user or not. The users should not detract from the existing page for the primary messages.

It is a good idea to evaluate the audience on social media. There are different criteria to evaluate the audience based on the network. Have a look at how the audience is aligned with the central themes of the brand. The typical customers are also interested in the activists of the related industries.

Focus on the Successful Strategy

It is not only a good strategy but also a successful strategy to focus more on the informational keywords. This technique involves the performance of a site. This site already has the best rank as it can find the given keyword.

If you analyze the existing rankings then you find the relevant keyword. You should check whether the keywords are performing in a better way.

Your topic must have an influence on at least some followers which are a part of your business. Check how the posts of the followers are reshared by the other followers.

If your following scores are high in this category then this issue can be resolved.

Approaching the right person:

Ensure that there are shareable and interesting social posts with a high-level content. You should consider some factors when you want to promote your content in the social media. You should create audience out of people whom you follow and they should be valuable and real. There is no need to spend too much time and attention on the first type followers.

You should make sure to spread your content to the right people on the social media. First, you need to give up the habit of own following. Never buy the followers through different hacking schemes.


It will become a clear niche if you maintain a proper interaction with your fans in the social media. If your followers have a good connection with you in person then there will more chances to share the content. The quality of your following will depend on the work you do. You should identify the people in the second type who can reshare the content with a magical power.

Everyone cannot influence their friends by carrying a kind of trust. So from the above information, you can know about the different ways in which you can use the Google AdSense to Make Money. At the end of the day, the target of any individual is to make money through online in a best possible way.

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3 Things to Improve the User Experience on a Blog

3 Things to Improve the User Experience on a Blog

User experience has been a huge factor of gaining more attention towards your blog and website.

Simply user experience is vital for your blogs online presence. Because people don’t like poor sites which don’t maintain users experience.

Companies and startups always aim to keep their users on their pages and articles because they  don’t want to lose a customer. That’s the reason why they always invest a lot into UX of their business website.

If you are having a website or a blog then how are you working on your user’s experience?

Are you keeping your visitors on your site or they are flying away from your blog?

If they are flying then you must try to stop them by giving some best users experience Good content alone can’t achieve anything.

Now if you want to stand out in today’s bloggers world then you should face lots of challenge and compete lot of blogs and website.

Now, to improve your user experience on a blog, I will relive 3 best things you can do to improve your user experience.

Let’s, get into it.

1) Using Page builder you can improve your user’s experience:

Everyone might not consider this a best point, but it is a good particle to use page builder to design best grid pages on your blog.

If you are novice or an expert in web designing then you can make your own pages, but to make your easier and design awesome pages you should start using page builder.

If you don’t have any knowledge about the coding but still you want to create an extraordinary page for your blog then you can make use of page builder.

By using page builder you can take control of your pages in few easy steps. Simply you can build responsive grid based page content that easily adapts the any platforms and mobile devices with picture perfect accuracy.

Page builder has been a whole new trend in content creation that help you create your home page and other pages and you can also improve your user experience by designing a responsive and user friendly pages.

I used to spend a lot of time with their visual editors, but I can’t get my desired page even after spending a lot of time. Simply all the time goes into vein, so I have been searching for page builders which are easy to use of best to manage.

While stumbling about the content builder I found this amazing tool which is called as thrive content builder.

I know many of you know about this tool, but particularly to me this was a fabulous tool which helped me to create a perfect landing pages and also high conversion landing and improved my user experience.

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So, it’s better to use the page builder to improve your user experience. You can choose any page builder you want in your price range but the best option for anyone is thrive content builder it’s also having reasonable rates.

Here is its features:

  • 157+ templates amazing and conversion optimised pages.
  • Creation of custom page layouts within inner parts of your theme, or you can start from a completely blank page.
  • Customisation of almost every aspect of your landing pages.
  • It’s having both undo and redo functionality.
  • The pages are designed with a very light code so that it loads faster.
  • Plenty of conversions focused elements you can add to your landing pages.
  • It supports external short codes within the editor.
  • You can edit both pages and posts.
  • Editor loads fast which makes customisation straight forward.

If you need more knowledge about this amazing tool, then you can read here the Thrive themes content builder review. It has detailed explanation about its working and functionalities.

* 2Premium theme:

There are few people who always think why to spend money on premium themes while they were getting’s thousands of free themes in WordPress themes directory.

That’s a general question which was asked by lots of people, but premium themes are the better themes in terms of quality, functionality, security and updates as well.

Normally, free themes don’t have these features, but premium theme will be having lots of modifications and updates and always the theme provider want to improve your user experience by regular updates and by increasing your security.

Premium themes are always good in support, whenever you find a glitch you can get a quality support team to assist you but when you are using a free theme you don’t get such a quality support. Instead you have to roam around and post in forms and other places to get help.

So, to improve your user experience you should focus on buying a premium them.

There are many places to find premium themes but If you want to find the gorgeous and high converting WordPress themes then you should check thrive themes.

Because thrive themes are built with following aspects in mind:

  • It was built for speed.
  • Smart conversion elements.
  • Specially designed for user’s engagement and readability which one the best factor to improve user’s experience.
  • You can easily create opt in sales pages and more with its Easy page generator.
  • It is customizable for your individual needs
  • It is having best collection of landing page templates.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • Continuous Updates, Improvements and New Releases
  • Trim down Your Plugins List thanks to Built-In Features.
  • Support, Training & Tutorials.

These are the best abilities of thrive themes. You can improve your user experience with these gorgeous premium themes. If you want to opt other than you can opt it’s your decision.

* 3) Finally provide engaging content:

Content is always a main factor in holding your users on your page. Writing quality content is one of the best way to impress your audience and make them come back to your site. Engaging content represents the attachment of your visitors with the content. Content should be more relevant to the visitors requirement.

So, always try to provide engaging content to your audience in order to improve your site user’s experience.

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These are the best abilities of thrive themes. You can improve your user experience with these gorgeous premium themes. If you want to opt other than you can opt it’s your decision. The same goes for your logo, which can be done with a free logo maker, or a premium online logo maker that does a much better job designing for just a little bit of money.


If you want to improve your user experience then you can use these things to stand out from the crowd. Definitely your user will be pleased with the content.

Hope you like the post, for queries do let us know.

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