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Blogging or any information related to the blogging are so valuable for internet marketers, And those who want to start their own blog, Or mostly those who already started blogging but still they don’t have much information about increase website traffic traffic free & leads of blog.

If no one is visiting your blog, So, How will yours blog will increase  traffic And sales. And even you are not ready to gain quick traffic from social media. And everyone wants quality traffic for their blog & websites. Here’s article where we will know what we need to do for our blog’s Traffic & leads. increase website traffic tips.

Search Engine Optimization. 

If we want to show our site in Google search engine, So we need to understand the SEO to apply on our blog and rank our site in google search engine. increase website traffic Google, There are two parts of SEO, On-Page Seo & Off-Page Seo. Both are important and these are first step of SEO.

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Analyse Your Blog’s Keyword Or Find New Keywords.

Keyword is most important in SEO. We have to find the keywords which we are use on our blog’s title and post. people can reach on our blog by searching the keyword in Google. We have to know that the keywords which we are using in our site’s title & post, That how much people are searching the keywords in Google How will we know? The best tool is available of Google for free. increase website traffic Google Keyword planner (Link) From This tool we can choose the keywords to include in our blog.

Write Informative Post On Blog. 

Writing Informative content is good to gain rank on top in Google naturally. And the content should be unique, because Google doesn’t accepts copy paste content, And it will down the ranking of your blog in Search Engine. And if the post will be informative and good, So people will share your post on social media it’s good sign for google. We have to make every post on our blog with including on-page-seo. increase website traffic google.

Use Domain And Hosting For Your Blog.

If you want to survive smoothly in your blogging journey, So you should use domain & hosting which you can buy safely. Now, There are many trusted survives are available like Bigrock & Godaddy which providing best hosting plans and good domains name in better price. increase website traffic tips, Godaddy & Bigrock are best option to choose domain & hosting for your startup. And will try to buy domain related to your’s target keywords.

Make All The Device Supportive Website.

It’s mean your website should be loadable for pc,laptop and android. Design your website, And check with different devices, And Choose your beautiful & lite background temple to embed on your website. Lite temples are loads fast by mobile device. And you should check from which device  your visitors are mostly coming.

Add Video In Your Blog Post.

If you will add video on your blog post, That related to your video& title, Than your video will be more informative for your visitors. You can make your own videos or you can embed YouTube’s video. Better to make a YouTube  channel related to your site and upload your videos on channel and monetize them, By this way you can gain ranking & traffic in Google.

Now a days getting traffic to websites has become easiest way because there are lots of platforms that are available in the market by using them you actually get tons and tons of traffic to your website. Right social media has become the huge source of traffic to the Website Blog Traffic. increase website traffic tips


This is the costly way for getting traffic to your website and but it will work in building your brand.  You need to advertise in various ways like banner advisement or paper advisement, social media advertising  Paid search, and display advertising are all ways of attracting visitors, TV advertisement, which are too costly, but that will build a good brand for your website and get leads. do you just want more traffic, or are you looking to increase conversions Each paid channel. increase website traffic free ,If you’re hoping that more traffic or More  result in more sales, you’ll need to target high commercial intent keywords as part of your paid search strategies. So you go according to your paid strategies and make sure that you achieve your goals and only if you want more traffic to your websites to get more sales.

  • Get Social shares

People don’t know the power of the social media it’s like the huge amount of traffic can generate using it. Some of the social media websites are like Facebook, twitter, linked, Google+ in and etc. If you just keep on writing good content that doesn’t make any sense because people need to know about your content actually they need to find your stuff. These days viral content has become the trend so viral content is required to get the traffic from social media. So just try to write some uniqueness in your content then that will go viral and build hell lot of traffic to your websites.

  • Host Webinars

Try host webinar in your web community because in webinar what actually happens is people love to learn the things and they’re you promote your website. The webinars are the great way to increase your website brand and help you in developing the strong readership. Webinars are the great way to connect with people that will influence people in a very positive way.

  • Building back links

Linking building is a technique that can generate lots of traffic to your website ranking some keywords which has millions of searches per day or month. Thus, you can build back links to rank particular keyword and get lots of organic traffic and make sales out of it. increase website traffic tips

  • Guest blog posting

Writing a guest post is one more good way to some profitable amount of traffic to your website and also it help you in building some quality back links to your website. When you really focus more on user intent keywords and build only links that will help improve the user experience. Here the main point is guest blogging is the way that will generate the tremendous amount of search traffic through your long-tail keywords and that will increase you website brand in a completely different way.

  • Interview Industry Experts

If you can make as much as the good relation with some industry people then You can interview industry experts on your website that will elevate your website brand in a great way. It will also help you in building a great amount about of traffic. Hence, search industry experts make a friendly relation with them stay in touch with them and ask them to give an interview.

  • Make sure that your website is SEO Responsive on mobile / tablet

Today people are very active on mobile and tablets that day gone where people use to open personal pcs searching for the stuff, but now people mostly on mobile phones and tablets. Make sure that your website should be loaded on all devices. increase website traffic free, This one more plus for your website traffic.

  • Always keep an eye on your competitor

You need to keep in check with your competitor so that you will know what’s happening in the market and also that will keep you updated in terms of SEO and also it helps you to know more about competitor and accordingly you can develop your website business increase website traffic tips.

  • Email Marketing is the very good source of traffic

Internet marketing needs best tools because that will make your work easier and simple so Email marketing will help you to stay focused to the consistent traffic to your website. For email marketing, you can go for Get Response. increase website traffic tips By targeting some group of people, you can actually boost your audience and get the greater amount of traffic to your websites.

  • Attend Conferences

If your attending the conferences related to your field  and If you’re attending the conferences related your field Whichever industry you are in, there will be many people who are very relevant to your work or business. Speaking at the conferences is the very good way to get some attention to your website.

  • Analyzing your Data

By using the tool called google analytics. This tool will give exact data about your website audience like on devices they are accessing your website, age group, operating system by which you can analyse data and make build the website around it. All the big companies analyse data and build their business according to the data

  • Submit your website on social bookmarking websites and other directory submission websites.

Make the list of social bookmarking websites, directory submission websites and submit them their then you will be receiving the good amount of traffic to your websites within no time. increase website traffic free, Just go to the comment selection of the website and comment them.

  • On-page SEO

In today online world so has become the very important factor to get some profitable amount of traffic so if you are optimizing your content according to 0n-page SEO then your search traffic will be getting boosted. Hence, you have great content, great design, community building, social sharing. increase website traffic free.

  • Use long-tail keywords

When you are using long-tail keywords then it will be helpful for you to getting ranked in various keywords at the same time. increase website traffic instantly

  • Competition Analysis

There are some tools in the market to analyse the completion for your website and blogs. increase website traffic instantly If you are analyzing the competition for your keywords then you will know the keyword has less competition and more searches per month that’s the way you can drive more traffic to the websites.

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