A Review of How to Make Money Online Through Affiliation

Are you still looking for the best way to make money online? Ordo you want to make money like professional bloggers?

If yes, that means you are one of many those people who want to monetize their time they spend online to make some extra bucks. There is no doubt that thousands of ways are available online which helps you to make money.

There is no doubt that every newbie blogger always falls in love with Google AdSense when it comes to making money online, where you usually get paid between 0.03 to $1 per click. Which is actually very low if you do not have much traffic on your blog. That means you need to look for more ways which help you to make more money and that is where affiliate market comes to help you.

Affiliation is the biggest opportunity for anyone who wants to make money online.

What is Affiliation or Affiliate Marketing?

When you work as an affiliate marketer, you actually promote their products or services of others on your blogs and when your efforts generate sales, you will earn a handsome commission which can be anywhere between $10-$1000 per sale. Now you see that affiliation helps you make much more than AdSense. But do you know how to make money online through affiliation? Let me help you here.

Now you see there is a huge difference between the earning of a single activity on AdSense and affiliate marketing.

1) Work with Brands:

Brands always sell more. Why? Because everyone trusts the brand names. Big names attract people to buy from them and that is why people are ready to pay even high price when they buy from the most popular brands.

As you know gambling is one of the most profitable brands to work with and that is why even Google AdSense is working with online casino sites. online casinos not only help people to make money playing casino games but also help you to make money easily with their affiliate programs.

2) Promote Product According to Your Niche:

Every successful affiliate marketer knows what to promote, where to promote and when to promote. To make maximum from affiliate marketing, it is always important that the product you choose must be according to the interest or topic of your own blog, so that it can easily grab the interest of your readers.

When you offer your readers what they are already looking for, chances are that you make more sales.

It may not be easy for you to find out affiliate program which is suitable according to your niche. Here is a very helpful plugin to find affiliate program using Google search.

3) Affiliate Marketplace or in-house Affiliate:

It is mostly asked by many people that should they join an affiliate marketplace to find affiliate program or directly join the in-house affiliate program of a website. Well, it depends upon many things. If the site is a brand and offers better affiliate solution than affiliate marketplace, then you should go for in-house affiliation. But if you do not know much about affiliate network, then you should always choose a popular affiliate network to find out affiliate programs.

4) Write Honest Reviews:

These days every person who makes purchase online try to find out the honest reviews of that product. Reviews help buyers to make decisions if the product is helpful or not. Your honest review about the product not only help you to attract readers and get more traffic from search engine but also help your readers to find out if they should buy the product or not.

If your review inspires the readers to buy the product that means you are going to generate more sales for as long as your review is updated and look fresh.

5) Discount Coupons:

Who do not want to save more? Discount coupons help you to generate more leads. People make purchase decision more quickly when they know that the product is offering some limited time discounts. There are many sites and products which are running discounts between 10% to 70% to attract more sales and this actually works.

You should publish those discounts on your blog and help your readers to know how they gonna save if they buy now.

6) Social Media Promotions:

Social media promotions also help you to easily grab more sales from various social networks or your own social media profiles when you share about the affiliate products with your followers on social networks. Social media traffic also helps you to rank higher and shows how lovable your blog is on social networks.

As there are millions of people online every day on social media channels. Your promotion in social networks or social sharing helps you to grab potential buyers who are actually interested in buying from your blog or affiliate links. This always works and help you to make more money as affiliate commissions.

7) Word of mouth:

It is always good to use the nontraditional ways also when they can help you to generate more sales. You may have seen many people who want to buy something and ask you to help them by advising them from where they should buy. If you are promoting the same product then you can direct them to visit your affiliate link and help them to make purchases through your discount offers.

This not only helps you to build trust by offering solutions to your readers but also help buyers to buy using your affiliate links.

So, you see these are 7 ways which help you to make money online through affiliation. Even if you are new to affiliate marketing or you are already working as an affiliate marketer, above points will help you to easily promote products which your readers love to use and generate more sales. As you know more sales means more affiliate commission and more commission means more money.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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  • February 14, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Yeah. Really, Affiliate marketing is far better than Google Adsense.

  • March 30, 2018 at 8:38 am

    Great article.. Affiliate marketing is a great source of income. A very helpful and informative article given by you.. Thanks for sharing.


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