5 Best Content Strategies for an Amazon Affiliate Site:

Planning to start an Amazon niche? Well if the answer is yes. Then we can assume that you are wondering what should be your Content Strategies for an Amazon Affiliate site.

If you have this question in your head, then we are here to help you out.

Amazon Affiliate Site is the most trending niche in the world of blogging. Hence, as a result, more and more people are running towards it. But you can not deny the fact that if you do not plan your content strategies for an Amazon affiliate site. Then you are going to fail at it.

However to help you out, Here are Best Content Strategies for an Amazon Affiliate Site. So let’s just jump into the topic:

#1. Proper SILO Structure:

Silo in SEO is a very much advanced topic. Even it is one of the powerful factors which can rank your blog top on search engines. SILO in SEO is all about organizing a website just like a book.

Talking about a definition. Well, your website has too many information about different products. However, if you plan to use a proper SILO structure and group all the pages, then you can boost up your rankings. Once your rankings are boosted, you will get to see revenues on your way.

Explain SILO structure, it’s like if you have a section for espresso machine and you have good lot of articles under that section, you keep one main article as the parent article and link out from the supporting articles to form a simple tree structure. You should not link out to other category article from your supporting articles. Thereby all the link juice will remain within the SILO and flow up to the main money article.

However, building a proper SILO structure can be a tough job. So we would advise you to research about it and then jump into the topic.

#2. Use Buyer Inter Keywords:

If you are into Amazon affiliate Niche, then buyer intern keyword is an important thing that you should not ignore. Buyer keywords are such phrases that a user search in search engines to buy something.  However, finding these sets of keywords may seem a hard task. In fact, it is not.

If you have a keyword research tool, then you are already done with half of the job. Talking about the keyword research, well suppose you are writing about mouse online. So you can use buyer keywords phase as “Best Mouse for Computer”, “Cheap Computer Mouse” and all.

#3. Use Product Comparison Table:

Comparison tables are one of the best ways to talk about a product. Even it is the most easiest way to deliver information about a product to a blog post reader. For example, if you are planning to compare two laptops together. Then you can use a product comparison table.

This way you will be able to talk about laptops specifications easy way. Also at the same time, it will be easy for the reader to pick the best one. Since you can also add a link to the laptop’s name. This way the reader will get redirected to your website and help you to generate sales and revenues.  

#4. Use Lengthy and Detailed Content:

Always make sure that you are writing a lengthy and detailed content for a specific product. This will help the reader to understand why the product is best and why the blogger should place an order.

The more you talk about the product, the higher chance you create to generate revenues.

However, the problem is that writing lengthy content can be a pain sometimes. As you will feel like there is nothing talk about it.

So in such cases, make sure you are doing proper research about the product. Also, you can see extent length of the content by adding features, pros, and cons.

#5. Use Good Supporting Articles:

To rank higher in SERP, you need to use internal and external links in your blog posts. Even apart from SERP, you can use supporting articles to get more revenues.

Here is How:

Well, suppose you are writing an article about top 10 laptops of 2018. Then it is not always good to include a complete review of the laptop in that single post as it will ruin the user experience. Instead, you can create a separate article for that laptop and write a review over there.

If any of the visitors get interested in any of the laptop, then there is a high chance that the reader obviously wants to read more about it. This way you can lower down your bounce rate, rank higher on SERP as well generate more revenues. Google AdSense To Make Money, You can also link to other websites if you feel a need of.

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