Best Medical colleges in U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) for Students

Ask any student in India today, 90% of them would want to be a doctor, or either an engineer.

When did this transaction happen? I mean why is whole of India chasing in the medical exams like a zombie apocalypse

That’s because if you have the caliber, and can get placed in some medical colleges in UP or any part of India, your life is taking a different turn right at that very moment.

I know, that you know, that the Medical career is promising. But, How promising exactly?

Reasons to Getting Placed in Some Medical Colleges in UP or India :-

Mental Satisfaction:-

Okay, you might not exactly be the religious, or afterlife kind of guy. But being able to save even a single life, counts a lot, doesn’t it? A study some years back by the American Medical Associated proved that people in this specific career were 42% more satisfied than people in any other career.

After all, you get control and the ability to save someone’s life, give a family the power to be with their loved ones for some more days, and that feeling, can’t be beaten by any amount of money you might ever be paid.

Social Recognition:- 

The society knows your value, you’re the second life-saver to them after God! And guess what, that counts a lot. Especially in a society like India, if you can save lives, damn you already are almost God.

After all, that’s what humans crave for isn’t it? I mean everyone makes money, but a combined package to make money as well as reputation isn’t that easy now, is it?

But that’s exactly what the Medical profession gives you. And trust me, having “social Recognition” in India is a lot more important than having  a sound bank balance, of course, that’s important but for Indian Parents and society? Not more than Social Recognition.


Ah, that sweet little devil again! I won’t lie, and so shouldn’t you. Money is what’s driving you, isn’t it? I mean no matter how much you sing the same old song of “I wanna help people”, deep down there, money matters, a lot, right?

Bitter Truth About Medical Careers:-


Although it is one of the best-paid jobs in the world, it also is the job which has the power to lay down a lot of stress on you. After all, you are responsible for someone else’s life! That’s a big responsibility, isn’t it?

So yeah, and secondly you don’t get the peace at mind if someone dies under your care or something. Over time, you might learn to overcome it, but initially, you’re going to be devastated.

So yeah if you’re one of those light-hearted kinds of guys, make sure you’re mentally prepared before diving into being a doctor.

Legal issues:-

Nobody tells you this, but well there is enough formalities and paperwork for you to attend to for every operation your perform.

Not that it’s something very dangerous, but what’s dangerous is, one wrong signature on a piece of paper, and you might be looking at 10-15 years in Jail, along with a heavy fine, and your career is ruined.

Nope, it’s very very very rare, but it’s a possibility. I’m not telling you to not become a doctor, I’m saying be aware of the things that those people who save our lives everyday face for themselves.

Final Words

So those were the reasons for you to get enrolled in Medical colleges in UP, or in the whole of the Indian country. I didn’t list out some of the tips or tricks to crack the medical exams.

But just the common society stereotypes and the bitter truth behind it. Many times you wish for things without knowing the harsh reality between them, although I’d say go for medicals, it’s an awesome career opportunity, but just don’t get shocked with the darker side of it, and for that you need to be mentally prepared, and that’s what this piece was about.

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