9 Ways to Use Coupons in Marketing Campaigns

Online marketing is a tough platform where competition is on a higher graph. More and more advancements in various sections with respect to online marketing strategies are making the space confined on the first come first serve basis. So, it is has become more of a challenge to get the right platform and to make a marketing campaign become a successful one, which can derive the focused result.

CouponRani, a coupon site in India, believes that use of coupons in marketing campaign helps to derive the needed result in a quicker span of time and may be even better to the desired result.  They conducted a survey and the result said that the use of coupons can play a keen role in establishing any marketing campaign a successful one.

According to the result, there are several ways in which coupons can help you for making your efforts in making your marketing campaign deliver you the best end result. The advantages of using coupons to enhance your marketing campaigns will get you achieve the following:

  • Cheaper Customer Acquisition
    • Tip Offer Coupon Only to New Customers to improve ROI
    • Summary – Affiliate/Coupon based Acquisition is 40 to 50% of Paid Search costs. Coupons helps yield higher conversion.
  • Increase Average Order Size
    • Tip Analyze your customer segments and average order sizes. Offer coupons to increase the order level for each segment.
    • Summary Coupons are effective way of increasing cart size
  • Cross-Promote & Increase Engagement
    • Tip – Give Coupons to users who like your page, or Share your page/product.
    • Summary – Merchants have seen 5 to 10x increase in Brand mentions
  • Track Sales From Offline Campaigns
    • Tip – Create a unique custom coupon/offer for your Billboard Ad, Newspaper Insert or TV ad.
    • Summary – Measure the efficiency of offline marketing campaigns.
  • Re-engage Old Customers
    • Tip – Invite users who haven’t visited or purchased for few months, to come back. Reward them with a coupon to create an incentive.
    • Summary – <>
  • Cart Abandonment Campaign
    • Tip – Offer a 1 time coupon to users who have abandoned cart, as an incentive to come back and complete the sale.
  • Reward Loyalty
    • Tip – Offer coupons and special offers to your loyal customers, so that they become your brand advocate.
  • Increase Email Registration
    • Tip – Offer Coupons to customers who register on your site.
    • Summary – Using an incentive for Email registration has shown to increase registration rate by 40%.
  • Use Other Store Coupons to Increase Conversion Rate
    • Tip – Offer Complimentary Coupons to increase value to your consumers, and convert users on the fence.
    • Example – If you are Mobile recharge site, offer Apparel and Food coupons for free.
    • Summary –  Increased conversion rate.   CouponRani offers Coupon API for partners to offer complimentary coupons.

These are some of the findings compiled by CouponRani.com. Coupon Marketing Campaigns Now, if you are also a coupon site or no matter any site, it matters on how you can relate these findings to build your business to the next level.  So extract these pointers on your next effort for a successful marketing campaign to make your business to boom just like that! Best Content Marketing Strategy for SEO


All the statistics used in this infographic are based on individual case studies. 🙂

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