AdNow Review for Both Advertisers and Publishers

Are you an Advertiser who is looking to promote product and content?

Are you a Publisher who is looking forward to make money with a website?

Yes, I know the above are two different kinds of questions for you. I am sure that if you are reading this post, then you belong to any of the above-mentioned categories.

Many people are having websites and earning a good amount of money from publishing ads on the website. In the past, traditional banner advertising was performing great. But nowadays, the Internet users are becoming more and more knowledgeable. So they will easily come to know that which part of the website is an ad and which part of site is content. So nowadays, traditional advertising are not performing that good.

This is the time when most of the publishers and advertisers are going towards native ads. Native ads are performing well when we compare it with traditional banner ads. I am sure if you are the regular visitor of Forbes or Huffington Post then you must have seen native ads which can be recognized by Sponsored by Some Company”.

Recently I come across to a great native ad network called AdNow. I have used AdNow as publisher, and I am quite satisfied with that ad network. So I have decided to write a complete review of AdNow. If you are a publisher, then check AdNow from

AdNow is not only for Publishers. If you are an advertiser, then you can run your ad campaigns and promote your content or product on AdNow. If you are Advertiser, then check AdNow from

AdNow Introduction

AdNow is native ad network which is helping both advertisers and publishers to achieve their targets. As a publisher, you can make money by displaying ads on your website and as an advertiser; you can get the targeted traffic.

AdNow was established in 2014. In the span of just two years, AdNow has expanded its wing across 107 countries. At present, AdNow is having 150K+ publishers and many advertisers. AdNow is giving 4.2 billion impressions per month which are great.

Due to the above facts, AdNow is attracting more and more publishers and advertisers to participate in native ads.

AdNow Review for Publishers

AdNow is a native ad network which will provide you a ad code which you need to add in your website in order to make money as a publisher. When your visitor clicks on that ad, you will be able to make money.

If you are publisher and want to join AdNow then you need to fill the form. Once you fill the form, you will get mail from AdNow on your registered Email Id. Then you need to add your website by login into the AdNow. Once you add your website, AdNow will manually check your website for approval.

The approval process is very fast for AdNow. You will get approval in just 3 hours. Once you get approval, you can add ad code in website and start making money.

You will get payment from AdNow when you reach threshold which is just $20.

Advantages to become publishers at AdNow

  • As a publisher, you can run website in any language. AdNow is accepting website on any language.
  • You can combine AdNow with Google Adsense or other Ad Network in order to make more money. AdNow will not conflict with any other ad network.
  • You will get weekly payment. Payment threshold is just $20, and available payment options are PayPal ePayments and Wire transfer.
  • The prices of AdNow are quite well when we compare it with another ad network.
  • The approval process is quite simple and fast.
  • You will get a personal manager who can talk to you in your local language and help you at each step.
  • Each ad is checked manually before publishing on publisher’s website.

AdNow Review for Advertisers

AdNow is having 150K+ publishers and it is giving 4.2 billion impressions each month. I am damn sure that by seeing these stats any advertiser will choose AdNow for promoting his product or content. If you are advertiser then look no other than AdNow. Go for the native ads only because traditional ads are not performing well.

To start with AdNow as an advertiser, you just need to fill one form. Once you fill the form, then you can start your ad campaign. The ad campaign will be reviewed by AdNow before it gets live. Once it is approved, the ad campaign will be live, and your money will get deducted. You will start getting hits and leads also.

Advantages to become Advertisers at AdNow

  • AdNow is using very intelligent system to track everything starting from OS to Browsers.
  • As I mentioned before, AdNow is having a great number of publishers. All the publishers are quite reliable. So you can trust this ad network easily for the promotion of your content and products.
  • AdNow has well-defined system to detect fraud. They will continuously check the traffic generation methods of publishers.
  • As an advertiser, you need to pay less CPC to run your ad campaign. In less CPC, you will get high CTR which is great for any advertiser.
  • As an advertiser, you can set daily budget in an ad campaign. So you will never run on the fear of the expense of more money.
  • As an advertiser, you can create a list of websites where your ads are performing well. You can also create a list of websites where your ads are not performing well. After the creation of such lists, you can choose the websites where ads are performing well to maximize your product reach.

Final Words

As a Native Ad Network, AdNow is very good for both Advertisers and Publishers. The ads which are displayed by AdNow are clean, safe and relevant. The less threshold, quality ads, weekly payment and more options for payment makes AdNow a good network for publishers while less CPC, high CTR, great number of publishers, intelligent system to detect fraud and list system makes AdNow a good network for advertisers also.

So I am strongly recommending you to try AdNow once as a publisher or as an advertiser. You will get what you are looking for. Feel free to share your views on this ad network via comments.

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