3 Things to Improve the User Experience on a Blog

User experience has been a huge factor of gaining more attention towards your blog and website.

Simply user experience is vital for your blogs online presence. Because people don’t like poor sites which don’t maintain users experience.

Companies and startups always aim to keep their users on their pages and articles because they  don’t want to lose a customer. That’s the reason why they always invest a lot into UX of their business website.

If you are having a website or a blog then how are you working on your user’s experience?

Are you keeping your visitors on your site or they are flying away from your blog?

If they are flying then you must try to stop them by giving some best users experience Good content alone can’t achieve anything.

Now if you want to stand out in today’s bloggers world then you should face lots of challenge and compete lot of blogs and website.

Now, to improve your user experience on a blog, I will relive 3 best things you can do to improve your user experience.

Let’s, get into it.

1) Using Page builder you can improve your user’s experience:

Everyone might not consider this a best point, but it is a good particle to use page builder to design best grid pages on your blog.

If you are novice or an expert in web designing then you can make your own pages, but to make your easier and design awesome pages you should start using page builder.

If you don’t have any knowledge about the coding but still you want to create an extraordinary page for your blog then you can make use of page builder.

By using page builder you can take control of your pages in few easy steps. Simply you can build responsive grid based page content that easily adapts the any platforms and mobile devices with picture perfect accuracy.

Page builder has been a whole new trend in content creation that help you create your home page and other pages and you can also improve your user experience by designing a responsive and user friendly pages.

I used to spend a lot of time with their visual editors, but I can’t get my desired page even after spending a lot of time. Simply all the time goes into vein, so I have been searching for page builders which are easy to use of best to manage.

While stumbling about the content builder I found this amazing tool which is called as thrive content builder.

I know many of you know about this tool, but particularly to me this was a fabulous tool which helped me to create a perfect landing pages and also high conversion landing and improved my user experience.

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So, it’s better to use the page builder to improve your user experience. You can choose any page builder you want in your price range but the best option for anyone is thrive content builder it’s also having reasonable rates.

Here is its features:

  • 157+ templates amazing and conversion optimised pages.
  • Creation of custom page layouts within inner parts of your theme, or you can start from a completely blank page.
  • Customisation of almost every aspect of your landing pages.
  • It’s having both undo and redo functionality.
  • The pages are designed with a very light code so that it loads faster.
  • Plenty of conversions focused elements you can add to your landing pages.
  • It supports external short codes within the editor.
  • You can edit both pages and posts.
  • Editor loads fast which makes customisation straight forward.

If you need more knowledge about this amazing tool, then you can read here the Thrive themes content builder review. It has detailed explanation about its working and functionalities.

* 2Premium theme:

There are few people who always think why to spend money on premium themes while they were getting’s thousands of free themes in WordPress themes directory.

That’s a general question which was asked by lots of people, but premium themes are the better themes in terms of quality, functionality, security and updates as well.

Normally, free themes don’t have these features, but premium theme will be having lots of modifications and updates and always the theme provider want to improve your user experience by regular updates and by increasing your security.

Premium themes are always good in support, whenever you find a glitch you can get a quality support team to assist you but when you are using a free theme you don’t get such a quality support. Instead you have to roam around and post in forms and other places to get help.

So, to improve your user experience you should focus on buying a premium them.

There are many places to find premium themes but If you want to find the gorgeous and high converting WordPress themes then you should check thrive themes.

Because thrive themes are built with following aspects in mind:

  • It was built for speed.
  • Smart conversion elements.
  • Specially designed for user’s engagement and readability which one the best factor to improve user’s experience.
  • You can easily create opt in sales pages and more with its Easy page generator.
  • It is customizable for your individual needs
  • It is having best collection of landing page templates.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • Continuous Updates, Improvements and New Releases
  • Trim down Your Plugins List thanks to Built-In Features.
  • Support, Training & Tutorials.

These are the best abilities of thrive themes. You can improve your user experience with these gorgeous premium themes. If you want to opt other than you can opt it’s your decision.

* 3) Finally provide engaging content:

Content is always a main factor in holding your users on your page. Writing quality content is one of the best way to impress your audience and make them come back to your site. Engaging content represents the attachment of your visitors with the content. Content should be more relevant to the visitors requirement.

So, always try to provide engaging content to your audience in order to improve your site user’s experience.

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These are the best abilities of thrive themes. You can improve your user experience with these gorgeous premium themes. If you want to opt other than you can opt it’s your decision. The same goes for your logo, which can be done with a free logo maker, or a premium online logo maker that does a much better job designing for just a little bit of money.


If you want to improve your user experience then you can use these things to stand out from the crowd. Definitely your user will be pleased with the content.

Hope you like the post, for queries do let us know.

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