10 Best Twitter power tools to Boost Your Tweets

Twitter newly announced that it crossed the incredible number of over 200 million Tweets sent each day. Being innovative with Twitter is really important  so it is easy to spend the superior part of any given day on their without getting anything done.

For all the internet dealers and people seeing increasing their sales or increase their touch need to know of these Twitter tools for making the most of the link. Managing this authoritative network could be more fun and real with these tools that every control user must know of.

To stay unify and use your time wisely, we have gathered the list of top  10 Twitter productivity tools and do some business to have my Twitter activities optimized, yet without trading off on the human component of Twitter. All of the following applications will help you cut through the clutter and connect more of the powerful basics Twitter offers.

#1. Tweet Jukebox

Tweet Jukebox- post unlimited tweets per day

 Tweet Jukebox- post unlimited tweets per day

-2 Tim Fargo alphabetsuccess TwitterTweet Jukebox is a free scheduling tool that permits you to load a jukebox with satisfied, timetable when you want the tweets to available and then relax back and let it do the work for you. In this article you’ll discover Twitter tools to boost your productivity. You can make more than one jukebox, load it with thousands of tweets and then show out as many as 100 tweets per day. Your description comes preloaded with two jukeboxes, one with photo content and one with quotes, to get you started.


You have the choice to tweet jukebox content once, frequently or until an exact date.

Tweet Jukebox (@tweet_jukebox) | Twitter

 #2. Buffer

Tweet constantly without flooding your followers

The Buffer has been one of the best Twitter tools out there for workers who tend to tweet in small bursts. You might be losing out valued followers by tweeting such a method. If you feel you want to improve your twitter actions and step up your tweet steadiness, Buffer will help you.

Best part

The best thing is, you can increase tweets to your Buffer correct, there from the page you are reading, using a browser extension like Chrome, Safari, Firefox which makes for sending genuine tweets in an enhanced technique.

Buffer Twitter Tools

Buffer has created a tool to schedule your tweets for different times on different days of the week.

#3. Spruce

SpruceCreate images with custom text for Twitter & Facebook

Images with text save more care than plain text, and this allows anyone to produce something attractive. It allows you to quickly create images with custom text. You can check the post and add text before publishing it.

  • Make Attractive Images
  • Upload your own images
  • Download completed images
  • Schedule a post directly from the dialog box

Spruce allows you to take any image and put text over it, producing a spectacular image to share on Twitter.

#4. ManageFlitter

event-masthead-masterclassSmart tools with many features

Manage Flitter is for clever Twitter users or at least it would make your Twitter profile more smart. This tool offers progressive analytics and offers single features like power post. Power post will timetable your post routinely for best visibility & meeting. ManageFlitter and its PowerPost feature, you can identify the best times to publish your Tweets based on when your users are the most active. A free tool which you should use correct away. You can also unfollow all inactive Twitter accounts using ManageFlitter.

  • Identify spam followers
  • Search Twitter bios with “Account Search” feature
  • You can also connect your Google+ account


For example, you want to find people you’re following but who aren’t following you back. Choose the Not Following Back option to see a list of users to check out and unfollow if necessary.

#5. Commun.it

Twitter Community Management Dashboard Twitter Marketing Tool Commun.it

Commun.it is your free Public analyzer and relationship management tool. it gives you a basic, three-day reporting feature on the free account. This method is great because unlike many others, it also has metrics on whom to follow and unfollow so not only is twittering simpler. The Community tab gives you additional engagement options by displaying a prioritized feed that brings important users to your attention. Helps in managing your accounts and aiming the best possible spectators is easier as well.

#6. RiteTag

RiteTag- Hashtag recommender
(Hashtag recommender)

RiteTag allows you to view statistics on particular hashtags and helps to find the best ones for your post. Install the browser plugin and enjoy twitting!  “Promote Blog With Social Media”

Plug in a hashtag and see the response on the tag’s grasp and approval as well as ideas for some replacements to try.

Integrations.png 798×541A simple legend shows you whether your hashtag is a good choice.

  • Schedule a post directly from the dialog box
  • Get instant tips on how to improve reach and tweets engagement
  • Track hashtags and see what engagement they have received
  • See which influences have used your hashtag

RiteTag- Hashtag

This will help you to assess how likely your tweets are to get engagement. Whole with pretty colors to see at a look which hashtags are best.

#7. Tweepi


                                         Get free of unwanted followers

Tweepi is another supportive tool to increase your productivity in a great deal. Very widely you can see all the people that are not succeeding you back, that are sluggish or that litter your stream with too many tweets. Un-follow them with a little click. The finest bit about Tweepi is the fact that you can simply share those you are not following back and even find new tweeps that are value looking at.

#8. Twilert

Twitter search alerts made easy-adwock   Warnings from the complete Twituniverse

With Twilert you can simply set up a little search term you want to save track off on Twitter and the App will discovery related tweets for you from all over the web. It is mostly a Google Alerts for Twitter with a more full attention to real time happenings. It has the customization options, Twilert offers you. You can filter search terms of language, approach of tweets and many more restrictions, which will make the outcomes more valuable for you.

#9. Backtweets

Twitter Search — BackTweetsAuthoritative stats about your Twitter Account

Backtweets is my favorite tool to know who has been tweeting my blog posts or links from anywhere on the Twituniverse. If you are observing for a tool that gives you countless imaginings about everything going on around your Twitter account than here is back tweets. It is a pleasantly designed web app that tells you all about the power your twitter account has.  It provides you with those metrics that matter most, giving you events such as full usage development, related clouds and user judgments. You can access it all automatically from the dashboard or get growing and public rumors direct to your inbox.

Best part
The best bit is certainly BackTweets accuracy. In comparison to TweetMeme or the Topsy tweet button it will never lose anyone that has tweeted you. Big advantage I feel. backtweets has been admired for its cost benefit efficiency.

#10. Crowdfire


intragram                                 Twitter

10 million Instagram and Twitter users and available Crowdfire

Dominant follower management: Cut your list of those you follow by seeing who tracks you back, who’s freshly unfollowed you, and whose quiet, plus build a whitelist of accounts you’d always like to survey no matter what.

You are amazing at what you do, and we get you. We also know that there are millions out there who will go batshit crazy about your work. We have made it our life’s goal to bring these people to you, so you can focus on doing what you do. Let’s win!

  • Find your most engaged followers
  • Identify inactive users and unfollowers

Example: Imagine you are an illustrator. You want to know who would be relevant for your network. A good idea is to find a successful illustrator – like Olka Osadzińska @aleosa – and copy her/his followers as they may be willing to follow you back! Try out the “Copy Followers” feature and see how easy is that! Prepare a short list of accounts who follows you.

This article focuses on some of the lesser-known tools for boosting productivity on Twitter.

So, this was about all the top 10 Twitter tools. I hope these tools are motivating for you to give your output for a little boost. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I love feedback!

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  • April 8, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Hi Pavitra Kumar,

    Twitter is an important social media network to share what we think and also to promote the things what we know. To use the twitter with efficiency here you mentioned awesome tools, all these above mentioned tools are new to me. I ll try the tool that need for me and decided to go for spruce and commun.it

    Anyway thanks for share and i appreciate you for this useful collection of twitter tools. Keep Posting.

    your blog is looking good and I like it.

  • April 11, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Twitter is one the most powerful tool, for marketing and social media basically its known as the short note like micro blogging site and after it becomes to social media because of messaging feature. so here you have shared these 10 awesome tools for boost tweet power i mean engagement.
    Thanks a lot dear 🙂

    • April 12, 2016 at 6:34 am

      Thanks for your comment Jack Wills. This is really an amazing powerful Twitter tool.

      I really loved it… 🙂 All The Best!!!

  • April 13, 2016 at 6:02 am

    Hey pavitra,
    Really loved the article. You inserted value in it. you standardized your writing. Impressive enough. I am using Buffer and crowdfire.. both are amazing tool and beat the other tools for social media management.

    I am sharing this post with my friends

    Nikhil 🙂

    • April 13, 2016 at 6:51 am

      Thanks for your comment bro. This is really an amazing program “Tweet Jukebox”

      I really loved it…Tools 🙂

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