10 Android Apps to save Time and Productivity for freelancers

People spend a lot of time using their Smartphone for waste things like chatting and blah blah blah. But freelancer and marketers use even social media as a business tool. Let’s talk about Android apps that can help you to make your blogging life easy and convenient. Using Time Saving Android Apps for freelancers, Cox Internet Plans, you can complete hundred of your daily task without a need to open your laptop.

Managing Time and Team

1. GoodTime – Pomodoro Timer

Goodtime is the android app I have fallen for. (No distractions while at work. seriously)

Time management has the key role in anyone’s life. The concept behind Goodtime App is really unique and different.

Work for 25 minutes and enjoy the rest of 5 minutes.

2. Asana

Asana is one of the best Android Apps for freelancers to help you scheduling tasks and assigning them to your team. Its FREE till your team is limited to 15 members only. The user interface of ASANA is easy to use and understand even for dummies.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist makes it easy to organize your events, meetings and tasks that are important for your business.

Make your blogging life easy

4. Blogger and WordPress

As a blogger, I know how easy it is if you schedule, edit, publish your blog from your Android Phone. It sounds like updating status on WhatsApp and posting your crazy thoughts on Facebook. Because these are the heavily executed tasks we execute in our daily life.

WordPress App is useful not only for them who have a wordpress blog but also for them who own a self hosted website. The previous version of the app was not allowing you a good amount of privileges. Which has been improved in the newer version and you can access a broad set of settings in the WordPress app. In other words, you can administrate your blog easily.

Most of the modern Freelance writers are bloggers. They manage their blog on the power of their writing style. Blogger and WordPress are the close alternatives.

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Keep you updated with the niche

5. Feedly

If you are fed up of the spammy emails in your INBOX, Feedly is the best way to subscribe blogs. You can add topics of your interest and get updates from feeds quickly.

Some blog publish content excessively and that annoys me (If the feed is subscribed by me).

But feedly will send me push notifications when my favorite blog publish new content.

6. Google +

Connect with professionals and enter into a professional social media network. If you know whom to connect and whom to follow on Google +, you’re not going to get bothered by the love or heart-broken shayaris on internet.

Do some Marketing

7. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is the best social media management dashboard application not only for Android Apps for freelancers but also for iOS and Browsers. Using Hootsuite app, you can add/connect all your 35 social media accounts and share one post on all the social network at once.

8. Linkedin

Linkedin is a business network. Your company should be there to reach business people to collaborate and partner with you. Did not get time to visit Linkedin to check the daily buzz on your laptop? Linkedin App would help you stay in touch with the professionals of your niche/industry.

9. Quora

Answering questions and helping your end audience on a Q&A website is the best way to build a brand and attract potential customers. And helping with a good intention is always the act of an angel.

Not just for backlinks, but for traffic also. 😛

Don’t just get indirect leverage by answering the old questions and bumping them up. Indulge in the active discussions and influence some real customers.

Quora Android Apps for freelancers is helpful in asking questions from the experts of your field. When I ask Quora for any answer, it assign it to experts.

Manage Documents

10. Google Drive

You can co operate with your team and share files, work in groups using Google Drive. You can also share files and folders with your friends, team or family. and access them from anywhere from any device.

It is your digital portable pen drive (see what I am saying, portable pen drive) 😛

FREE 15GB of storage online that can be extended by upgrading using Google Apps for Work.

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